How do I customize the APY Enterprise platform?

How to generate a custom report on APY Enterprise?

How to connect APY with your ATS or Human Resource Management tool?

Does APY reuse your data?

How do you measure your results in APY?

What is an Edge profile in APY Enterprise?

How APY is different from the competition?

What is the best budget to start with the Edge profile?

As a mentor, how do you become a mentee?

Why can you be a mentor, a mentee or both on APY Enterprise?

Where can you find your "Settings" page?

How do you promote APY Enterprise to your user base?

What is a user at APY Enterprise? How does it impact the billing?

How do you add or remove users?

How do you cancel your account? What happens to your data?

What are the minimum requirements to use APY?

Does APY have an onboarding process for administrators?

Does APY have an onboarding process?

Do we offer training with APY Enterprise?

How do you access your account?

How does APY secure all your data?

Does APY provide dedicated help?

How to back up my APY Enterprise account?

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