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This period is extremely challenging and we all know it is tough but it will pass!

We have a given amount of time to turn this economic disaster into an opportunity and ensure you come out stronger, tougher and ready to climb the rest of the year.

We are in the happiness business for the workplace!

Our mission is to reveal the full potential of best asset: your people.


Achieve fulfillment and satisfaction within your organization.


Make your team evolve for the better and belong in your organization.


Enable your people to achieve the top of their profession.


Increase the KPIs of your entire workforce while they enjoy better performance.


Push your values and the bond between one another.


Let your know-how spread and tricle down to all team members.

Why choose APY?

APY enables each and everyone in your organization to become more engaged with the success of your company.

The Program enables your human capital to growexcel and be more successful on a daily basis.

The overall benefit for your company is a win-win situation where both your people and management will sync.

Increasing well being and a sense of ownership in every individual will have countless positive effects on moraleperformance and impact your bottom-line positively in revenue generation and capital cost.


Increase by + 70% the performance of your people and induce accountability.


Increase by +86% the ROI of each employee and leverage your Know-How capital.


Increase by +40% your retention rate by leveraging your top performers.

The tools

We have all of them, yet they exist to serve your goals. Tell us what they are and we will make it happen!

The relationship

World-class customer service, we will be your extended hand in everything – setup, maintain, promote!

Impact and value

We will ensure your program is a success in adoption and usage. We measure everything, to deliver hard evidence of return on investment.

Boost yout bottom line with APY!

APY is the perfect framework for your Company if you are facing challenges in:

  • Communication: between business units,
  • Employee retention: your best people are leaving,
  • Structure: when the HR team is overwhelmed with issues and is considered as a cost center instead of a profit center!

APY offers all the necessary tools to tackle the above challenges and generate value!

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